It all started when I was in second or third grade. Before going to bed every night, my parents and I would say overall, usually one or two chapters of a book I still could not manage on my own (the Chronicles of Narnia stand out most in my memory.) Maybe I knew I had to be near sighted since both parents were of me, or perhaps had seen someone that I admired on TV who wore glasses, but whatever the inspiration, I had the sudden desire glasses. One night after squinting and pulling the book closer to my face, trying to show my parents that my eyesight was failing and needed glasses. There must have been very convincing because nothing happened, and after two weeks of trying, I left the spot. My first pair of glasses Several years later, my vision actually start to decline, but was now much less interested in lenses that had been previously. Instead of demonstrating the need for my eyes checked, I did everything I could to hide the fact. I managed to hide for so long, in fact, that when I finally got new glasses for the first time, I was stunned. I had never seen (or own) detail or definition.

There were individual leaves on the tree outside the door and the signal on the other side of the street, had actually written words on it. I did not know that the vision of one person could be so good. It was not long, however, before I realized how much my glasses nerd made me see that I was.

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