Tobacco And Disease

Not only that, the tobacco also makes difficult the treatment and causes that the ulcer returns to happen with more frequency. This must to that to smoke makes worse ten times the perforation of the ulcer. Besides the ulcer and to bring about the symptoms of the SII, the tobacco also increases the probability of the disease of Crohn. Also it can take to the development of biliary calculations. The nicotine that is in the tobacco is not only an addictive element, but also a poison that tends to debilitate the esofgico sphincter inferior.

This lead to the production to hiper acid in the stomach and, at the same time the pancreatic sodium bicarbonate production falls, that is an important substance in the fight against the acid production of the stomach. Besides the nicotine, the tobacco also contains more than four hundred toxins and at least forty and three met carcinogen agents. All these detrimental substances enter the sanguineous torrent and they take through digestive tract, for that reason it is triggered symptoms of the SII. In the same way, the inhalation of smoke of the tobacco also can cause flatulence, belches and distension that are symptoms of the SII also. In smokers, mainly, it is known who can have colon cancer, of bladder, kidney, pncreas and stomach.

Besides smoking, in the long term, also it increases the possibility of rectocolonic cancer. How? To inhale or to swallow the smoke of the tobacco can bring carcinogen until the colon. The tobacco also tends to increase the size of polyps in the colon which means that whichever major is the greater polyp will be the possibility that they become cancer. In fact, the studies show that at least the twelve percent of the rectocolonic cancers is the direct result of the tobacco consumption. Finally, tobacco addiction not only is a factor that can bring about syndrome of irritable intestine, but also that, raises majors risks for the health like the cancer, by its good is better to stop smoking.

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