The Target

concrete) if they fail that, are not a proper goal. They should be made taking into account the time factor, IE that should be targets for different time periods. Step 6-set the Marketing strategy: now that we know more or less the target who wants to reach our SMEs (in terms of turnover, etc.) you must plot a route to that destination, that way reach will be our strategy to achieve the objectives of section 5. Necessary to evaluate different alternatives and be consistent with the business vision and overall strategy. The first thing is to think multiple strategies, this part is creative, consider possible different paths to reach our objectives, then analyse whether or not each way to get there (i.e. each strategy in the rough) and finally stay with one and develop it in detail.

Here come into play the four PS of marketing: product (or service in this case) price promotion Plaza (or rather place and distribution) i.e., that we will take these four P and we will think will be our strategy for each of them, we will think our price (from among all possible deemed appropriate) strategy of promotion, etc. The combination of our strategies with respect to each of these elements will be our marketing strategy, our path to reach the objectives. Step 7.-decide the tactics of marketing or how to implement the strategy: i.e., which at this point is should specify, deciding specific actions, how to execute the marketing strategy for our SMEs. If this was based on differentiated from others (for example) all the actions should aim to delve into that difference, do see and exploit it. They must detail the marketing actions, detailed ads, media (magazines, portals, search engines, etc.) that will be used, if it is to hire someone, if they are to make visits, if he is going to do a mailing or several, etc.

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