The Portability Amounted To More Than Double In 2010

The portability amounted to more than double in 2010 the trend of asking our phone number portability to move us to another telephone company seems that it is increasing every year, go no further figures of the last study indicated that 16.2% of customers decided to change their operator. Taking into account that in 2009 only 8% of users decided to switch to another operator, is still more spectacular this figure since we are talking about more than double users within a period of one year. Undoubtedly the promotions that we can see in any of the comparative price for ADSL that exist on some Web pages, are that are encouraging this change of users who are always looking for the best deal regardless of them change operator. If we take into account that we traditionally are the European country with the most expensive prices means that users seek promotional offers that last between 12 and 18 months, then resign and find another company that gives them an offer again similar. For example in one comparative prices for 10 meg ADSL we find that the differences in prices are up to 50% during the first year which is where the majority of promotions are focused. Source: Press release sent by Redactor2.

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