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Are you wondering when your customers buy? In this short article will tell you. Last week, Vivian bought my ebook Free Traffic on the recommendation of Javier Porrata my reader (thanks, Javier). And it made me think about your customers purchases, they take time to buy and what you’re doing in your business to make more sales. And to go straight to the point and so immediately implement my strategies, here are my three tips: 1. Stay in front of your customers at the right time often think that customers buy because of luck, and it is not.

The customer buys it, when the need arises, you who are against it. After all, not when we want, but when the client is ready. Hence the importance of being in front of your potential customers constantly, and to do nothing like a printed or electronic newsletter (I use Aweber). Now. Many think that these programs to send newsletters are expensive. In fact, the cost is ridiculously low compared to income from your sales. (Stay away from free.

You need a program that allows you to measure the effectiveness of what you send.) 2. The sale is often sold one package a consultant to learn to make better queries. It took seven months to buy. And what did that sale was the frequency of the message. Another example was another consultant in the area of writing words that sell. I’ve been reading your newsletter two years and last week was that I became a customer. (Now will have revenues of me at the rate of $ 47 per month.) When I say frequently, I mean the use of a bulletin, the letters by mail, paid advertising, phone calls or whatever allows you to be customer facing frequently. 3. Follow-up to success The vast majority of my clients repeat their purchase. That’s great because once the client is in my funnel, there is no need to pay to attract advertising. Obviously. According to some studies, happy customer is more likely to buy again. And this is achieved through monitoring. When I’m talking about monitoring the use of an autoresponder where the customer buys, he is thanked and sent follow-up emails automatically. (Let me clarify: although my system is automated, my clients can trust that will receive a response if they contact us.) Other forms of monitoring are the postcards, phone calls or personal visits. The idea is to monitor the customer to be pleased because satisfaction is the recommendation or purchase. OK. I will summarize … Stay in front of your customers with a newsletter. Keep the frequency. And give them up to your customers. There you are, beloved employer. My three tips for knowing when your customers buy. With love, Diana Fontanez m

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