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Container Handling

For transporting sized loads, such as loading and unloading of containers in the port area extends the use of normal trucks or forklifts no longer sufficient, because often, the weight of a single container, 50 tons and also exceeds the overall dimensions of the possible Zuladungsgrenzen and work areas of the truck. Nevertheless, in order to make rapid work under the terms of a container transshipment can guarantee to (time-critical, loading and unloading in confined spaces, little floor space) were for that purpose truck with the name "Reach Stacker developed. These trucks are a normal truck not unlike, but is not lifting like a normal truck directly in front of a mast, but over a long, extendable and obliquely arranged arm of the driver's cabin juts out and makes therefore for a free field of view. Since the intake of the heavy loads in an inclined position of the gripper arm and not like a normal truck from the front, is a loading or unloading possible in inaccessible places, with a standard truck, how are you as for the loading and unloading of trains or trucks are often used, are no longer accessible. Thus, the Reach Stacker is not only able to be loaded in an ISO container near distance, but may, by the extraordinary length of the gripper arm up to six shipping containers stacking up and the one behind even in two rows. Another practical example of this vehicle is that the loading and unloading of trains will be facilitated so many times over. Thus it is possible to make a combined loading and unloading of two cars on an adjacent track. A normal truck here would require considerably more time. Known (global) manufacturers that have this type in your delivery truck and have specialized in the transport of heavy loads in the container sector, including Agilent or Liebherr.