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Derkra College International

It is important to know Act, pretending, lying, exaggerating, extort and blackmail if necessary. Recently a company that produces luxury carpet was with zero sales and asked me for advice, none of their clients was buying its products considered non priority spending on them, in times when there was no money or to pay wages to their employees; the solution was to provide (sell / rent) the database of customers (names, phones, charge, segmentation, etc.) to related companies (not competing) as e.g. cleaning services of carpets, Office furniture, among others. The conclusion is that you always have something that other needs and which can take advantage. Senator Elizabeth Warren wanted to know more. may not feel the same. The recommendations are fundamental, but not you should ask your client that you recommend to another person so that then you can go to knock on the door to this other person, present yourself, to publicize your products, track customer and wait for you to buy someday, not, when you talk to anyone (client or non-client) you should ask recommendations from those companies that are investing in what are investingso you can identify who might be a potential buyer and dismiss those who are interested in your product but at the moment have no money to spend if there are no opportunities for a road should be open to be followed by another way, if my clients who already rely in my are spending their money on other different to mine rublesno matter, I must follow the path where this money; If the trust and relationship with your customers is strongly established, not them It will matter if you do sell A or B, they will always trust what you offer them. The right price for the indicated customer, all of our customers do not have the same economic solvency, while our product is the same must focus on its economic value to the perception that has each client how much coupon, sometimes raise the price to then offer a discount is beneficial, perhaps in another case I can charge more to someone who is shown shaving and again I can charge less to someone who is comparing various proposals. Finally, in times of crisis is required much creativity and coldness to know face the opportunities. Josyann Abisaab gathered all the information. PATRICK L..

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British Parliament

Before the Decade of 1870, most of the countries traded goods through something called bimetallism. They had a double standard in gold or silver coins. In Britain, the bimetallism remained all the time who fought against Napoleon. Then, when the Napoleonic wars ended in 1816, the British Parliament passed a law making that gold coins were the only legal currency in the country. They took out coins of silver out of the system. In the United States, the bimetallism began with the currency Act of 1792 and was the Act of the majority of the youth of the nation.

Before that each State would have different notes of different banks, U.S. gold coins.UU. they circulated freely with Spanish Doubloons (hence the actions used to trading in eighths). This was a disaster because there were many different forms of money. Then in 1873, Congress took the silver dollar from the list of coins that were minted. The price of silver plummeted the following year.

France, on the other part, clung to bimetallism from the French Revolution until the 1878. Some other countries, such as China, India, Germany and Holland were with silver standard. The international monetary system at the global level before the early 1870s was bimetallism because both the gold and Silver were used for international payments for import and export. Rates of exchange between currencies are determined only by the contents of the gold or silver. Around 1870, the exchange rate between the pound sterling gold standard and the French franc, bimetal pattern was established by the two coins gold content. On the other hand, the exchange rate between the French franc and the German mark (which was in a silver pattern) was determined by the content of silver coins. Then, the exchange rate between the pound and the framework was established by its rate of change against the franc. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, there were all sorts of problems. Through different wars and revolts policies, large countries as the civil war of the United States, the war of Russia and the war of Austria-Hungary had irremediable coins at one time or another from 1848 to 1879. This meant that they had no value in other countries by consequent political uncertainty from the war. So the international monetary system was a mess until the early 1870s.

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The Street

. But here there is another ingredient that destroys our most precious fusion, we have associated the word conflict and its meaning to the problematical, what isn’t right, what does not work. THE CONFLICT IS INHERENT TO HUMAN LIFE, AND THEREFORE, ANYTHING THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH IT, ALSO. When this part of our emotional lives is not understood from this desired reality, start games within couples who mingles with love and life as a couple. We desgatamos us wanting to force compliance, but as our partner you also meet so us and frustration sends. Already we do not love the couple, we depend on it, we want that the link be established as we need, if we are not able to ask for it, because we demand. And why not. It is our partner!. Games in couple relationships are infinities, and of course, that both members collaborate to make it happen: the INTERROGATION: where did you go with who you were, what time you came, what you said?. You look for in the House of your cousin and not were? Why you came so late work, yes always salts at four o’clock? CONTROL: do in that you spend all the money they give you, or that you win? Do to make you want to go to that place, better wait for me and I carry you? To me those friendships than? you have I do not like, better we stay at home watching a movie? What rare always have things to do in the street? BLACKMAIL: For you that early Yes always comes from bad? I that came with so many ganas de Verte and me salts with what you want to go with your parents, or the film? Me quisieras Yes of truth; would you go with me, where to my I like? INDIFFERENCE: I came to the House and you don’t speak I will eat with some clients and not notice you.

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Playing an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument, to paint, sculpt or a taking photographs, is a wonderful process which is not pursued both the end and the means. That process is innate and well-known by everyone since it’s something that makes everyone since it was born: the game. Play, that is, neither more nor less. When a child is pounding its first white keys sometimes also black – you are simply playing with them, nothing more. They are the exams, the pressure of being the best in your Conservatory, his people of the world,-comparison with the great geniuses, which produces the abandonment of artistic activity or impending mental maladjustment. We could talk about there the murderers of creativity that already operate from childhood. According to the prestigious social psychologist Teresa Amabile surveillance, evaluation, rewards, competition, control excess, restriction of the elections and pressure the child, are some of those murderers of creativity. Apparently, just what they like to adults do children with the purpose of you look much the character that we admire.

It is genius, not her figure, is characterized precisely by not having, except on rare occasions, all these inhibitors of their creative talent and be able to develop with the same game, his creative activity. When they have not enjoyed their activity, they have simply made another thing. My conclusion would be in a few words, that we should enjoy what we like more and less than what we don’t like, as you would say Csikszentmihalyi – subtracting importance to the goal and above all without comparing with the great geniuses, but learning from them, and appreciating his work.

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The Beginning

That feeling of insecurity in childhood trying it not to repeat, and instead of finding your soul mate, one that complements them and live with them, find someone who deal with with a magnet and forget it up themselves. They blame their parents by the shortcomings of his childhood, or abandonment in case of having been abandoned by them in his childhood. But their responsibility as adults is now examining his past to recognize all these defects both affection and security validation, and find out how healthy satisfy them for the obsession by a former partner. When a relationship ends, those involved are left with a feeling of frustration at not having been able to realize a project that seemed ideal at the beginning. However, there are those who do not accept this reality, clinging to the memory of the broken relationship, even to learn to his former partner in a new relationship do not support it and the obsession is so great that they intend to do harm to the new partner of his ex, with insults, telephone calls, verbal assaults and others so that they intend to break that new relationship, with the thought that if I am not happy, they will not be so.

Sometimes seek to continue with it, even knowing that he is with another girl, kill me, but don’t let me. In general, people who are obsessed by her former partner cling to something that was yours, or perhaps that it never was; but they refuse to lose. This occurs because, at any stage of life, there has been an emotional deficiency who don’t want to relive. Love or obsession? If there is no understanding and respect, no te enganes: is not love. It is low self-esteem. When you have low self-esteem, the sense of life is situated in the conflict, the envy for those if they are happy, be aware of what makes his former partner.