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Glow In The Dark Rims And Hoods

Phosphor – a substance created by science long ago. Until recently it was used only in industry and was familiar only to specialists in this field. But thanks to its very interesting properties of steel demand in the market design and interior design. On some properties of the same question? This ability to store energy (in the first place-light) and then gradually give it in the form of a visible glow. Items continuously and quite bright glow-in- Within a few hours – is not it a godsend for a designer? Someone may say: – This is probably bad for your health, or worse – of radioactively! I hasten to reassure you, – phosphor Low hazard to health. Of course if you do not throw him a shovel! I ask not to be confused with the phosphor phosphorus. Phosphorus in the first place: bad for health, and secondly: inferior phosphor svetoemkosti. Where is the phosphor used? Phosphor is widely used in the interior: paintings in restaurants and clubs, luminous objects of everyday life, car tuning, and it's not all possibilities for its use.

Something I really distracted from the main theme. You guessed it glowing wheels and caps is the wheels and caps painted luminous paint based phosphor. Phosphor – it's not light, the glow time is on the wane. But a very good effect for 1-2 hours guaranteed. Glow visibly and in 5-10 hours (depending on the quality of the phosphor) – but only slightly. More information about the glowing wheels and caps at our site. Offers for sale now thousands of phosphor. And the finished product is almost no glowing, and if there is, for exorbitant prices. We also have filled this gap the market of Internet services and offer you to familiarize with our offer.