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Brazilian Man

Who le or relay its workmanship finds a vast production in chats and verse with aforismos, principles, sayings, concepts and reflections. When enunciating ideas other people’s in its writings, forgetting the origin as it happened with Coleridge (The child is the father of the man), Axe of all form, recriava always, giving them to them to a treatment typically its. It was with this inspiration that Axe, in 15 of August of 1881, the station that an important question approached very argued at the time: the paper of the woman in the Brazilian society. It was time of a wild machismo and axe understood that it would have to touch in the subject, less for commiseration, and more for the homage that would like to give to the feminine condition, it loved with I boil its mother, beyond a life for the Carolina muse. Of the text of Axe of Assis they can understand two things: that it thinks about the necessity of the feminine education for the women of its classroom and that the woman must be not in the dependence, but in the shade of the man.

E the text finishes in remembering that ' ' to educate the woman is to educate the proper man, the mother will complete filho' '. The superior feeling of Axe in relation to the woman of the future, that must have the same educational chances of the man, as it is natural nowadays. This everything, in end of the last century was a great favorable newness. The dictionary ' ' A crown in the head valley more than what a homesickness in corao' '. The dictionary is the history of a king whom if crown itself exactly and that, in the search of the affability to well-loved its, it orders to confection ' ' Dictionary of Bebel' ' , where it had an enormous confusion of letters, that Axe at the time, confused dictionary with vocabulary, when this only places the grafia of the word and its grammatical category.