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Seminar schedule is now promised in Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin performance-related pay in almost every job advertisement. Because the recruiting departments have recognized: performance-related pay is attractive to employers. How companies can provide performance-related pay and theme in Hanover, Hamburg, and Berlin is in June. The appeal of the employer depends for German workers today especially ing payment. This is the newly released results of a representative survey of over 2,000 workers took part.

Without performance-related pay unattractive after a report of the news channel N24 whopping 97.6 per cent of employees called a performance-related payment criterion for an attractive employer. Whether the activity is varied, followed with 91.4 percent in second place. Third place goes to the training of the employer (85.9 percent). It may surprise some, that the presence of a canteen (45.5 per cent) in the eyes of the employees as well as ranked the lower courses of relevance such as the use of operating kindergarten (42.3 per cent). Middle class the “big three” of factors important for the employer attractiveness scores reveal major opportunities, especially for modern and future-oriented companies of the middle class with competitive pay. All preceded the first performance-based pay: here midsize organizations can use open spaces in a mass, as it is hardly conceivable in the most corporations.

In the under-45-year-old is hardly common class struggle think: workers against employers? Not at all. Yes finally together sitting in the same boat. Particularly positive workers therefore innovative and flexible systems of ING payment on the basis of “Win-Win”. Systems of installed pay upgrade it is time, that together with prior years or decades of established objective and performance appraisal systems to undergo a critical revision this based ing payment. Both Hanover and Hamburg as well as entrepreneurs and personnel managers have the opportunity to discuss with experts and colleagues in Berlin: innovative payment systems, further developments of the classical target agreement and modern tools to measure performance. The dates are Wednesdays, at the 08.06.2011 in Hanover, at the 15.06.2011 in Hamburg and at the 22.06.2011 in Berlin. Another date is planned for the 23.08.2011 in Leipzig. A, you can see the full program on the Web page of the competence center variable remuneration. Links: Program and content: target agreement and variable remuneration systems establish and modernize directly for one of the events in Hannover, Hamburg or Berlin login if you want to interact with experts on performance-related pay, please simply record contact us.