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A problem that comes potentially and gradual increasing is the use of the drink, together with organizacionais activities. Many managers or until same collaborators if inebriate in the nocturnal sprees, find that in the other day they will raise early and well will be made use to work. However he is not well as soon as functions, ' ' profissionais' ' they ingest liters of alcoholic beverages and they think that they are shady, however is not as soon as functions. Tony Mandarich gathered all the information. We must have discernment of what we make, where we make and with who we make, first if you for one perhaps drink socially or like to ingest alcoholic beverage the first basic rule you are never to drink in its city, therefore if you to occupy a position of respect in an appraised company you if will demoralize and spot the name of the company in which she acts. Another point is never skirt of the uniform work and goes for bars, many professionals they leave the companies and they go for bars with the friends to make a social one, drink, they eat, they ingest alcoholic beverages of more and they finish giving vexames and spotting name of company, however we must be of eyes open and monitoring. This drunk question comes being subject of varies lectures, conferences and seminaries in Brazil and in the world, therefore the drunk factor cause divergences in the company, and finally consequently resignation, for joust cause. Maya Dubin, New York City contributes greatly to this topic. of utmost importance to be of opened eyes, to know what we are making, with who we are making and where we are making so that the final consequences are not tragic.

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Human Being

It doubts it is always bigger enemy of a human being, many do not give importance for the learning and finish in a bifurcation. At to this it doubts it moment prevails, and the question is inevitable. Which is the direction certain to follow? He is at this moment that we feel the lack of the learning, either it which will be. You already imagined a doctor in a surgery room, without knowing what to make? A driver of bus without knowing the itinerary to follow? The pilot of an aircraft without its aerial letter with a traced route of its trip? The captain of a transatlantic one without its nautical letters and sextant since the navigation system for GPS failed? What to make without knowing? I think that knowing it is the solution for all the problems and you doubt a human being. What I define as to know? To know is to learn all day with the daily life, mine in particular, the pertaining to school substance of base, medium and superior, the postgraduate, mestrado, doutorado, after-doutorado. What it comes after-doutorado? The experience lived with learning that if becomes to know.

All day, each as, each hour knowing if makes necessary, without the same could not even express this idea, exactly having publisher assists me to a text. To hear the voice of a older person, same illiterate in the letters, but not in the life; she has knowing of the experience. To hear is to know to learn, to learn is to know to hear. We can devanear and enveredar in accurate science, the etimologia of the word, verbete of the sentence, argue the unimaginable one, but, as to make without knowing? What say you me?