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As other decks of Tarot, the Tarot of Marseilles is divided in two main groups: – Arcane Minors: The deck consists of 56 letters of four woods: Btons (coarse), pes (swords), Coupes (glasses) and Deniers (golds), like the Spanish deck, and goes of the Ace (1) to the 10. Besides these, four allegorical figures for each wood exist: Valet (sota), Chevalier or Cavalier (horse), Reigns (reigns) and Roi (king). – Arcane Majors: They are a total of 22 naipes numbered. Sometimes, the letter ” The Loco” it is not numbered, considering or the letter number ” 0″ or ” 22″. I. Him Bateleur (the Magician) This arcane major astrologically belongs to Neptune and Saturn II.

The Papesse (the Papisa or the Priestess) the arcane one of the Priestess belongs astrologically to Venus and Urano. III. L” Impratrice (the Empress) Astrologically belongs to Venus and the Sun. IV. L” Empereur (the Emperor) This arcane one represents Aries astrologically. Their planets are Uranus, the Sun and Mars V.

Him Pape (the Pope or the Extreme one Priest) the arcane major of the Extreme Priest belongs astrologically to Taurus, and their planets are Jupiter and Urano. I SAW. L” Amoureux (the Enamored one) the arcane major of the Enamored ones belongs astrologically to Piscis. The Laws of Human Nature: the source for more info. Their planets are Saturn and Sun VII. Him Chariot (the Car) This arcane one belongs astrologically to Cancer and their planets are Mars and Saturn. VIII. The Justice (Justice) the arcane major dEla Justice belongs astrologically to I read, their planets are Mars and Jupiter IX. L” Hermite (the Hermit) the arcane major of the Hermit belongs astrologically to Virgo. X. The Roue de Fortune (the Wheel of the Fortune) the arcane major of the Wheel of the Fortune belongs astrologically to Jupiter. XI. The FORCE (the Force) the arcane major of the Force belongs astrologically to I read. XII. Him Pendu (the Hung one) the arcane major of the Hung one belongs astrologically to the water signs. XIII. The Mort (the Death) the arcane one of the Death belongs astrologically to Escorpio. Their planets are Mars and Saturn XIV. Temprance (the Templanza) the arcane one major of the Templanza belongs astrologically to Aquarius and it is prevailed by the air and the water. XV. Him Giveable (the Devil) the arcane major of the Devil belongs astrologically to Capricorn and their planets are Saturn and Mercury. XVI. The Maison Dieu (the Tower or the House of God) the arcane major dEla Tower has as planet runs to Pluto. XVII. L” toile (the Star) the arcane major dEla Star belongs astrologically to Piscis, and their planets are Saturn and Pluto. XVIII. The Lune (the Moon) Astrologically, the arcane major of the Moon belongs to Aquarius XIX. Him Soleil (the Sun) the arcane major of the Sun belongs astrologically to Mercury. XX. Him Jugement (the Judgment) the arcane major of the Judgment belongs astrologically to the fire. XXI. Le Monde (the World) the arcane major of the World belongs astrologically to Saturn and its planet is Mercury. Without number. Him Mat (the Crazy person) In a distance of tarot represents the set of the universal key.