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However there several railway hubs with settlements in excess of twenty thousand inhabitants, it is possible to verify that the cities are in the range we have chosen, and that we believe have the potential to develop, especially in view of the horizon of a society to be mobilized without oil in the not too distant future (a subject on which we return below). Well, we say in colloquial speech, now, with the lowest level of abstraction that we allow, we will describe a kind of profile or pattern of these settlements. Profile on the other hand also exists in human settlements over the size selected. In our travels through the towns, particularly what we have done with more intensity and frequency of calls by the Pampas "wet" and "Gringa" We have seen that all at least have a public plaza, a railway station (mostly off) and increasingly facilities recycled as cultural centers by municipalities, small stations, bus terminals and more than a primary school, secondary school, the City, a small hospital health center, a Catholic church, and churches (many of the so-called Christian churches do not Catholic, almost always more of a social and sports club (many of these clubs authentic community lungs have become mutual), at least one cooperative or two: the public service and agriculture, a police station. In many villages there disabled facilities mutual aid societies that immigrants of different backgrounds organized, as before from now on, a Popular Library, not in all people, a group of Boys Scouts, and a "Volunteer Fire Department." Cable television reaches those settlements, whether they meet the broadcast. .