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The User

It was his big toe which bloats minute by minute. This was no impediment for achieved its purpose. Aboard a taxi and recommended to the driver that he was going in a hurry. Atemorizo which looking at it in the mirror, because his eyes stay riveted eyes of Juancho. To deepen your understanding Dr. John Mcdougall is the source. Like the stars shining, but as cold as the Alaska, were lost in a long meditation.

Cofla making use of the value and your anxiety, I ask you Mr can’t boot? This suddenly returning to life I remove the look of the mirror and with a Machiavellian smile boot fashion more abrupt. Past four blocks from the point of departure taxi speed not decreased, the contrary increased second by second. The red light passed through the exorbitant eyes of the user. Mr do case want to kill us? The taxi driver look at it and said to him: be quiet boy and lifting a cigarette ignited with his rough beard, a phosphorus. Cofla that was not accustomed to smoking had to open the window to be able to breathe.

Only thing that could feel was the noise of the the car horns which at times seemed to be bumping into the taxi. Son will the driver told him, tell you a story, listens well. Night work to support my family. This morning a few meters from reaching my house, I saw as my best friend gave my wife the final kiss of a night of passion. Do you think that after this I want to live? And by placing the throttle until your limit is lost in the middle of the city. A gust, a warning, a squeeze made the car crashed against a tree. And similar to a can of beer when it’s tread by the foot of whoever I quenched with your content. Taxi shrank. The driver was the first to die.