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Houston Mercer Eye

Eyesential – the original eye lifting an incredible starting today, woman/man makes in just a few minutes to years younger can be smooth eye area – for a teenager. EYESENTIAL is a new – and unique effect cosmetics with an incredible effect: a few minutes after applying eye wrinkles, puffiness, lines and bags for up to 10 hours disappear. Eyesential is a small miracle of cosmetics for a visibly smooth eye area, which makes look younger for years – and all without surgery. Originally, this unique effect cosmetics has been developed for the film industry and is used by make-up artists for many years, to get the stars teen scene. Now there are Eyesential finally also for the application at home in LAJOLI cosmetics and make up online shop, around simply to make-up years younger.

Randy Houston Mercer, a Hollywood pros called top makeup Eyesential the secret weapon of his beauty programme at many familiar faces for film, theatre and television. Even George Clooney and Brad Pitt Eyesential know because was Randy Mercer the make up artist for “Rendezvous with Joe Black”, “Ocean BBs eleven”, “Spiderman” and so on. Celebrity fans are also Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Hunter, Madonna and Cindy Crawford. Louise Constad is an award winning make up artist from London, UK, and says: “I have tried so many products throughout my career and never have I found one as effective as Eyesential”. APPLICATION Eyesential is an ultra-light serum and can be applied only on well cleaned skin. Before use, the bottle is hard to shake. It needs be taken from only a very small amount (lot of lenses per eye is enough). The serum is applied just each with your finger in moon-shaped Strip, from the inside to the outside, under the eye.

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Jewellery Channel

The jewelry channel knows, what a perfect outfit and his most beautiful watches already presented in the 16th century were built the first portable watches that were available at that time but still in form of pocket watches. Only the wristwatch prevailed in the 20th century, for practical reasons, which is still, despite mobile phone watches, great popularity. In addition to their practical purpose, the watch is of course also wonderful to round off a great outfits. The jewelry channel offers beautiful watches that fit to any outfit and any occasion. The taste of the clock has changed steadily in the last years and is now very diverse.

Nowadays any type of watch design appeals; with digital display or with pointers, simple, striking, elegant or noble, whether for sports or fitness. The watches assortment of the jewellery channel is nearly unmanageable and offers something for every taste and every occasion. A leading source for info: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The great thing is that the clocks of the jewellery channel are very affordable and Nevertheless lose nothing by their quality. The jewelry channel used only the best materials in his jewels and can remain there still cheap. It is possible that the jewellery channel refers to his material directly from the mine and processes them in our own factories. Thus be saved considerable costs, which then of course positively affects the prices for the jewellery channel. The clocks of the jewellery channel suited very well as a gift, no matter whether for you or him, because nowadays the trend goes, that watch makers have far more than just a watch.

So for example a noble and elegant watch, which is decorated with beautiful and precious gems, a beautiful and special gift for a very special lady and met not only the purpose of the joy of the gift, but fits wonderfully to an elegant night outfit and also meets the practical purpose of the clock. More information about the wrist watches of the jewellery channel or the latest watch trends, see. Press contact: The jewellery channel Germany GmbH k RT 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 93 00 611 fax: 0211 93 00 667 E-mail: about the jewellery channel Germany GmbH: the Dusseldorf jewelry channel Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded parent company, vaibhav gems limited CF in India. Wholly owned factories in India, Thailand and China the jewellery channel in Germany and the jewellery channel in England and the United States make the jewelry exclusively for customers of their sales channels.

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Velvet Dresses – And As Material For Clothes

If you want a dress from a special material is a good choice if you would like to make a particularly chic because is a festive event, along with then for women without a doubt is the classic way to beautiful clothes to attack where they look great and have the opportunity to put up even really great in scene. But it can be any dress not easy, it should be already a model, that here also noble enough is held by its design and the materials so that you can be really chic in it. Velvet as material for beautiful clothes here becomes more popular, because this soft and velvety fabric not only classy looks, he is also quite comfortable to wear if he was properly processed. This one should take care of course, but also at what time of the year you would like to put on a dress made of velvet, because since velvet is rather heavy and thick, such velvet dresses are a very good choice especially in the winter, while they were often too warm in the summer, when you enter the could. Even this much is also the right colors, through the special material can really work, are important in dresses of velvet? Optimally, noble velvet comes to bear when dark one and has strong color. Here true classics are black, red and blue. Pastel velvet does more, so that you can then do not necessarily get the look you might like wanted to have. Therefore you should be getting some time also for the selection of a velvet dress, because although it is here a fashion classic, but one that has its peculiarities and particularities, which you must take into account if you want to take optimal effect in a such noble velvet dress.

Also, accessories, hairstyle and make up must be sought out here carefully, so that the picture can vote. The velvet dress is worn nowadays not only occasions, where chic evening attire is required. Velvet dresses are worn by many followers of the middle ages. This middle ages fans contribute their meetings or Middle Ages events then costumes, which are modeled after those from the time. This means for women to wear a velvet dress of course. Velvet dresses in the style of the middle ages, you get mainly from online stores.