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Costa Rica

Your best choice if you need root of Ipecac. We are in the region where historically there was better quality of Ipecac, this is in the northern part of Costa Rica. In its beginnings it extracted mountains, because it was in its wild state, then step to be implemented as a crop, however for not being an agricultural activity traditional account with many limiting factors at the level of culture as such, is the reason why not the desired amounts of this same currently exist. By what we are making great efforts to encourage and implement all the possible scientific contribution together with the producers to improve the quantity and quality of this wonderful product. This root was used by indigenous or native as part of their natural medicines for the cure of various diseases. After discovering its active ingredients happened to be part of nature products used in the pharmaceutical industry, first in Europe and then happened to be part of almost all the world farmacopia. Perhaps check out James A. Levine, M.D. for more information.

We export ipecac to any destination. We are duly registered at the Ministry of agriculture and livestock (M.A.G), promoter of the foreign trade of Costa Rica (Procomer). We offer lots of 200 kg. Learn more on the subject from Senator of Massachusetts. The product is packed in boxes of 25 to 30 kg. original author and source of the article