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Charging Fees

If you are still doubting whether or not use Google Adsense on your website, I would consider it and look for information about who can guide you, there are many, varied and very interesting. But I suggest you spend some time to research this topic. Here I bring you some more data for you to consider the implementation of Adsense. This system allows you to have one or more accounts and thus have monetized one or more places at once and making multiple income. On this subject (the revenue multiple) is as dissimilar views while some claims that it is not desirable, others consider all contario and ensure they get good results “money” with their use.

I personally I have my opinion of course, but I’d rather not be quoted here because I believe that on this specific topic (Adsense) “is necessary” for everyone to do their own experience to know that this is really, well tell you that although “it is necessary “In a way I’m expressing my opinion. But going to the specific part of how Google handles the issue of commissions or profits, keep in mind that they are able to make the monthly liquidation and going from first to the last day of this month and there reports of income earned in your account. When the accumulated income in your account exceed $ 100 a month, generate a check in the amount of your commission to be sent to your home and previously have set when you created your account. Adsense confirm the accuracy of the information by sending you put “post” to your home a card with a PIN number and then asks you can only respond if you receive it in your own home. Income is paid after the 25th of next month and the check is sent your address is in U.S. dollars you can change (paying all the fees) in your country depending on the existing rules for this process in each country, for us, Latin Americans, sometimes tends to be rather complicated, but calm, not impossible. Another method is to have a U.S. account and if you make a transfer of funds to your account and then you can withdraw money by check or card at any ATM or use for purchases anywhere that accepts credit card .

On the issue of having an account in the United States, says something quite out there, something very difficult for non-residents, I mean that in the network you can find sites that offer open up an account in that country and charge you a commission. Since I have not done so I can not recommend any, but I know cases that if they have obtained your account and it works perfectly I also know others who kept the money without being able to realize the account. This, like everything on the Internet, is also dint of trial and error, you should make your own experience to know what it is, I regret not being able to give you some information on this topic. Finally, the issue of charging fees for Adsense is completely safe and a very important addition to the time to monetize a website, something that if you have not you did you should consider. There are many people earning very good money with Adsense ads, so it’s time to do your own test, you will probably deal of luck. Eduardo Blanco.