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Reality Of Cancer

Almost the reality of cancer that the only thing they care about is money, not life. Has someone asked that you give only three options to cure him? Burn, poison you or destroy you with surgery and hence do not go, and also faster than not you time to think about it.You put between the sword and the wall and terrorize you. So you will never have a cure and to view is. Every day there are more and more cases that the alleged advances that say there are and the fortune that squander does not heal it by that does not interest them, they would lose the goose that lays the golden eggs. And not only the cancer, there are many more diseases but that gives more cancer and which has dominated and terrorized people. Why not accept natural medicine when it is proven to cure? But this does not give money, that is all that matters, not the life between the two. How many millions of lives could be saved? This is a minimal part of the reality of cancer.