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Essential Trace Element

Selenium and men’s health adequate supply of people with the trace element, selenium is essential and for the health development of the utmost importance. Selenium is incorporated as part and cofactor protein with enzymatic function varied in the vital processes of the body. So it is not surprising that a deficiency in the supply may be associated himself with Selenium with various diseases, immune deficiency to heart disease. Also, the cancer risk in insufficient supply of Selenium is increased. Can an additional intake of selenium so conversely reduce the risk of cancer? Adequate supply of people with the trace element Selenium is essential and for the health development of the utmost importance. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit McDougall Program. Selenium is incorporated as part and cofactor protein with enzymatic function varied in the vital processes of the body.

So it is not surprising, that is a deficiency in the supply of selenium with various diseases, immune deficiency to heart disease, can go hand in hand. Also, the cancer risk in insufficient supply of Selenium is increased. Can an additional intake of selenium so conversely reduce the risk of cancer? The German population is moderately well with selenium. This is us, on which much of our food grows on the Selenium poor soils. However, can we assume not generally that now everyone with Selenium is deficient. But on the other hand also the fact is that certain risk groups such as one-sided nutrition exhibit a selenium deficiency. It can include many men. Dr. John Mcdougall may find this interesting as well.

Because often professionally due men not quite so health conscious diet as women. The consequences can be expressed in a lack of vitamins and essential trace elements such as selenium. Now, several epidemiological studies have shown in the past that on the one hand a small supply of selenium can lead to an increased risk of cancer. On the other hand, the risk of some types of cancer such as prostate cancer and colorectal cancer is humiliated in a good supply of selenium. This is also the results of a large study from France. Men over several years took a supplement containing selenium and other anti-oxidants, the effects on health were remarkable. You became ill less on cancer, especially prostate cancer were also healthier and lived longer. The researchers said these effects of antioxidants so that the French men, as well as their German comrades of sex worse with vitamins and antioxidants were supplied. This result must have consequences for the prevention of cancer in men so the authors conclude. These should appropriately supplement what is needed. Exactly this evidence based approach is pursued with the product ProVitum Navitum pharmaceuticals. ProVitum contains exactly those anti oxidants, vitamins and trace elements, in the French Su.Vi.Max study (int J cancer. 2005 Aug 20;116(2):182-6) have been used successfully to prevent cancers in men. A product is ProVitum, so the manufacturers, with the independent international prevention research can be implemented by anyone in practical health care. With just one tablet a day, men can make a meaningful contribution to their health.

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Professor Thomas Seufferlein

Professor Thomas Seufferlein responds by the medical faculty of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg live on the Internet Berlin, October 28, 2008 – on November 10, 2008 colorectal cancer patients, family members and interested get opportunity to get live answers to questions around the topic of colorectal cancer in an expert consultation again. 14-15 an online cancer clinic takes place on the Internet under to do this with Professor Thomas Seufferlein of the medical faculty of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. The clinical and scientific activities of Professor Seufferlein focuses on cancer research in the field of Gastroenterology. Questions to the expert can immediately online under be sent cancer clinic. We want to know: what is since our last cancer consultation 2007 did? There are new findings that enhance the healing and survival? Also in colon cancer stands as the most tumor types, meanwhile the individualized therapy in the foreground. Dr. Neal Barnard takes a slightly different approach.

New approaches were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) this year’s and world’s largest Cancer Congress. Prof. Seufferlein gives an overview to colon cancer and current treatment options at the beginning of the consultation. Then questions, which have reached us in advance. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in both sexes. In Germany approximately 37,200 men and 36,000 women will develop according to the Robert Koch Institute annually this tumor.

About six percent of the German population must expect almost five million people according to estimates, to colon cancer in the course of their lives. Information about colon cancer, visit our website, 107900.html. For doctors and professionals: Versions of ASCO gastrointestinal tumors under… arzt_asco_2008_gastro_weiche… We would be pleased if you refer to our current date in your media. The German Cancer Society e.V. (DKG) is the largest Oncology network of experts in the German-speaking countries and with over 6000 members. The Internet portal has an average 800,000 visitors a month, and reached around 1.2 million page impressions.

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Optimal Nutrition For Athletes

As healthy and drinking do not forget! Wolfsburg, the July 6, 2010 – as an athlete, eats what he should drink before, during and after training, depends on many factors. Endurance athletes have different energy needs”as professional athletes. And the passionate Jogger, who regularly turns his rounds, should pay attention more to his diet, as those who only sporadically put on the running shoes. Proper nutrition for endurance sports endurance athletes who go walking, jogging or cycling, are active. To not pass out”to make, they should eat sufficiently before the sport. Carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, potatoes, pasta and rice, as well as many fruits and vegetables are ideal for endurance athletes.

Carbohydrates are the nutrients that the fastest will be absorbed and metabolized by the body. Source: PCRM. A morning wholegrain Musli with fresh fruit such as grapes or apples and healthy nuts such as walnuts or hazelnuts is ideal. As Basis for the Musli curd or milk are good. Proper nutrition for motor sports for sports like bodybuilding, climbing or intense hiking, same as for endurance sports recommendations in principle. The crucial difference is that the fatigue effect occurs typically faster in motor sport.

Before the start of training, best 1-2 hours in advance, strength athletes should eat therefore particularly carbohydrate-rich. And even after the physical activity carbohydrates for strength athletes are the nutrients of choice. But also protein foods such as dairy products, meat and legumes are necessarily on the menu. Protein drinks or protein shakes are to recommend that want to optimize their muscle mass, however, only for strength athletes. Basic fitness, age and gender play a major role older people often have a decreased hunger and thirst. Sporty active seniors must make sure therefore to a regular food and fluid intake otherwise threaten fatigue conditions and circulatory disorders. The energy density of the food should be but not so high as a result of the reduced basal metabolic rate in the age. Women have less muscle mass than men naturally and are physically not so resilient. Women exert power sports, in the form of bodybuilding, for example, they need to take more breaks and populate consumed energy storage more often than male athletes. People with an inadequate base fitness, depleting faster than experienced athletes. You need more breaks, as well as more energy during sporting activity. Who issued it, requires fast carbohydrates such as glucose or sweet fruit during the training phase. After the training – snacks, fruit, or whole, eat normally? Athletes who seek a weight reduction, access after your workout to fat and filling, fiber-rich foods. These include fish, poultry, lean pork and fruit and vegetables. Condition athletes without obesity and those who exercise cardio training, can eat anything in principle what tastes them. Strength athletes, the aim of which is to build muscle mass, again fill their reserves after training with protein-rich meals or special drinks. Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics of health, fitness and wellness. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content. Contact: GesundheitsWelt directly GmbH contact Mr. Thomas Schlichter (Managing Director) diesel road 33 38446 Wolfsburg Tel: 05361-4366222 fax: 05361-4366202 E-mail: Web:

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Overweight Healthy Weight Loss

Information about a sport for obese, which helps with weight loss, without that they themselves must torture. Healthy lose weight only works with regular sports and helps the right sport, without that man himself must torment. Increasingly the knowledge prevails also in overweight, more exercise, healthy sport, consider a permanent weight loss and weight are essential. The future difficulties are aware many runs that are overweight in the battle for fewer pounds physically really need to torment, those in television shows in mind at the latest. The question is logical consequences and the selection vital to the success of the right sport. From the realization that only a negative energy balance over a longer period of time brings customer follow-up, and for practical reasons the sport should be favored at home. So the conversion considered necessary to a healthy way of life with an integral part of more movement succeed easier. Exercise bikes of various kinds are available for this application to the selection.

Why then many of these to the part of high-tech devices at home gathering dust, founded a insufficient motivation and poor staying power of the individual, on the other hand is is it maybe missing fun at the sport. Who has still been found not the right sport, but seriously wants to overcome its lack of exercise, should even with the training”deal on a highly elastic trampoline. In contrast to classic trampoline with steel springs, highly elastic Rebounders with rubber rope rings are equipped. There are many insights about the health-promoting effects of swinging on highly elastic trampolines, which fortunately also increasingly have been published in recent years on the Internet. Trampoline swing (rebounding) total body workout and a sporting offer for anyone who is as health sports unless as fitness training for beginners, as the special training device for women or for the senior sports. An overweight experienced in training”on “the trampoline as follows: compared with traditional jogging as the accepted fat burner”, jogs or swings you on the trampoline joint-gentle, insistent, with similar high calorie consumption, without overloading themselves and all too quickly to shortness of breath. Who daily 20 minutes (even distributed) swings trampoline, creating so a regular calorie consumption by about 250 kcal.

A negative energy balance of this size means a weight loss of 1 kg per month. A particular advantage of the swing on a high elastic trampoline is that you not feel it as a performance-oriented sport, it acts but still very intense. Burn fat bouncing thus becomes a real alternative to many other sports for overweight associated with high levels of stress. Low loads in sports have a motivating and fun. But swing trampoline is more than a joint-gentle training”with high calorie consumption. The permanent exchange of weightlessness and gravity effect while swinging supports muscle building and Muscle maintenance. The activation of the largest metabolic organ, the muscles, helps to stimulate the overall metabolism and to bring back into balance. For more information, overweight take off.

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Yoga For Faster Sleep

I practiced that during the last few nights, get to sleep better. Either it works very, very well, or I’m very, very tired… probably involves a combination of both. Either way, it’s a good exercise for students (you included) and to concentrate during Savasana or meditation on breathing. Close your eyes and breathe you and out through the nose.

Begin to focus on the breath and its occurrence and blow out through the nose. By the same author: Neal D. Barnard. Which part of the nostril is affected by the input and exhale? You smell while you breathe anything? Do you smell something else during exhalation? Be there when your breathing fully. Focus now on what you see with your eyes closed. You can see light spots or colors, or points? Do you see anything with my eyes closed? Imagine now the numbers 1-10 behind the closed eyelids. The number 1 is located in the right hand corner of your right eye, and the number 10 in the left corner of your left eye. The remaining numbers are on a line between them.

You start breathing out (this is important, it must be started with the exhalation) count on one, and see ‘ gleichzeiting the number 1, all with your eyes closed. ut. Now breathe, still facing number 1. Now you exhale and look ‘ on the number 2. Now take a breath, still facing number 2, and breathe out overlooking the number 3 make you so on, until you take a breath with views to the number 10, you visualize in the left corner of your left eye. When your thoughts start to wander, you start again at number 1. If you make it to the number 10, without to fall asleep, you start again from the beginning. If you have twice drilled through the exercise without having your thoughts have moved and they had to start from scratch again, do you wonder whether you’re really tired? Try maybe just to sleep because it is the appropriate time? Sleep cannot be enforced, but can cause the body to be more relaxed and ready. If To catch that you sink in a half asleep, stop counting. Was sleep the idea, wasn’t it? I hope this exercise can help you. niyama yoga basel offers beautiful meditation of introduction of and yoga, which fits very well to. Sleep well, my Yogis and Yoginis!