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Security Clothes

What should I do? -Do not panic, do not make any sudden movements, breathing as deeply and slowly, hands in raskinte hand and try to cling to the edge of the ice, betraying body horizontal in the direction of flow – try to gently lean forward on the edge of the ice and throw one and then another leg on the ice; – choose from polynya is rolled back, and then crawl in the direction whence came: for the ice here has been tested for durability. If need your help: – inform the victim scream that going to help – it will give him strength, confidence and hope – to the victim must be lying close at hand with outstretched arms and legs, not to approach him standing up because of the risk yourself getting into trouble – if the problem has occurred off the coast, and the victim is able to actively action, he must throw a rope, a scarf, a board – the victim shout that he tried to lie horizontally and pushed off his feet, keeping one hand on the rope or a stick, and another broke the ice in front of you – start gently pull it to yourself – if you have no easily available and ice is strong enough and crawled to the edge of the hole in the ice and try to pull the victim by the clothes – if you are not alone, he took each other's legs, lie down on ice chain, and move to the breach – we must act decisively and boldly, quickly, because the victim loses power, freeze, can dive into the water – Take victim to a warm place: put off his wet clothes, vigorously rub the body dipped in alcohol or vodka, a cloth material, or hands, give the victim a hot cup of tea. However, anglers, winter road lurks not only fragile ice. Dangerous and tough, but very slippery ice. At fall in the latter case, severe contusions of body parts, joint ligaments stretch, and sometimes a concussion.

Fraught for the angler and low temperature. Most sensitive to its effect nose, ears, hands and feet, especially the fingers, which are less protected from the cold and the clothes are in the most adverse conditions, blood circulation, as the most distant from the heart. Happen on the ice and more severe consequences of prolonged exposure low temperature – freezing. Predispose to freezing: drunkenness, exhaustion during prolonged walking and long-lying snow or ice. Signs of Frost: fever, lethargy, fatigue, craving for sleep. Man falls asleep during sleep gradually weakens his breathing and heart activity, numb limbs. And death can occur. Take care of your life! Perform basic measures of caution – your mortgage Security!