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Family Values

Our lives are influenced mainly by the family, work, and our circle of friends. The family is key to developing our personality. We must establish a set of numbers that are flowing in relations with our parents, children, siblings and spouses. yCuales are these values? 1) Optimism: A happy family is the most valuable treasure that can be in this life. Cultivate a positive outlook on life is a daily task to be performed by all members. We must work together to help ensure that the needs and sharing our moments of joy daily satisfactions.

The use of humor is a valuable tool that can serve for this performance. 2) Solidarity: everyone in the family should help each other on the needs as they arise. Selfishness kills the family. 3) Tolerance: need to respect the differences more than ever. If our life in society are sympathetic to the neighbor with more reason it should be with those we love most. 4) Honesty: understood as consistency between what we are and what we pass. There is no place for deceit in the family.

5) The commitment: our aim must be the joy. Is a constant struggle in which all must be committed to achieving a healthy and happy. 6) Fidelity: family comes first and then are others. I would even say that the family can become rather than oneself. In many cases you have to sacrifice for the common good. Values could continue to say until eternity but I think these are sufficient. A happy family is but an early heaven. John Browring (philosopher and politician.