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Pollution Makes Hair Healthy

U.S. scientists have launched a wild theory: they are trying to convince the world that dirty hair – good for you. In fact, it turns out that this paradoxical idea may well lie at the heart of a beautiful and healthy hair. New research conducted at the University of Missouri found that dirty hair a protective function: the secret produced by sebaceous glands of the head and covering her hair, intense absorbed by ozone. Ozone – a toxic gas, which is the active compound of oxygen and in large quantities can cause serious harm to human health. The experiment revealed that dirty hair absorbed seven times more harmful than ozone friendly.

But how does this affect the status of hair, scientists have not figured out. In addition, the scientific community it is widely believed that the secret to fat covering unwashed hair promotes faster hair growth. It protects hair from environmental influences. As a result, they are cut and less perishable, and, indeed, grow faster. A typical error in the same time, it is undeniable that unwashed hair – one of the biggest mistakes women. "When I walk down the street, I often notice that women have unwashed hair, it's probably the biggest mistake of style, – the famous American designer Isaac Mizrahi. – You know, People often apologize for the dirty shoes, but nobody does not occur to apologize for the messy hair. In my opinion, unwashed hair, there should be no forgiveness, because, after all, there is a hat.

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Facial Skin and Age

Beauty – a very abstract subject. Not yet most complete definition of beauty, and even more feminine beauty. What is beauty? The reference face of a young girl with a healthy glow to the skin or movement, and confident charisma more experienced woman? Volume or blond hair? Or the mysterious and alluring mystery of the eyes? Answers to these questions is difficult, but that's an indisputable fact is that the skin of the face and neck has been there and will be an integral theme in any conversation about the superiority of one over the other women. Endocrinologist shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Influence of age on the body and, of course, to the skin, reflecting the inner harmony of all the digestive system, circulatory system and the interaction various organs to each other, inevitably makes itself felt. The first symptoms of skin aging gradually expanded to all areas of the body. The most sensitive to this process overt skin, face and neck. Here the signs of aging most obvious.

The first is a decrease in elasticity of soft tissues. The changes are noticeable when fine lines are found in corners of eyes. Healthy lifestyle, physical exercises, and constant care of the skin can hold back the natural processes of aging. In the struggle for the preservation of youth is very important to find the right set of cosmetic products for skin care. That is why the cosmetics line 'Crystal Youth' from DeSheli our professionals have tried to fully address the needs of mature skin.

It is based contains only natural ingredients, manufactured with the latest research in the world cosmetology. Products Series anti age actively nourish your skin and saturate it, struggle with there are signs of aging, preventing further progression, and restore skin youthfulness and elasticity. Natural components can achieve smoothing effect, restoring the natural texture of the face. It should be noted that in the manufacture of products using the latest technology "intelligent crystals." "Intelligent crystals" that are part of cosmetic products, increase their impact and to allow for the greatest effect of the active ingredients of these drugs. At any age, skin needs in cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing. This is the main and basic care, which will help you maintain beautiful skin for a long time. Israeli cosmetics DeSheli has united all of the necessary funds in charge of professional care face right at home. Cosmetics are quickly absorbed, removing stress mimic the skin. Your skin will become pomolodeet and freshness. Cosmetic line 'Crystal Youth' from DeSheli was designed specifically for women who like to care for themselves and always want to look great. All of our cosmetic line takes care of your skin and gives her show even the slightest signs of aging, making you more confident in their beauty and attractiveness. And most importantly, never forget that every woman deserves to be beautiful! Source: