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A House For Families Of Children With Cancer

It should be blue and everyone can help Berlin, 09.12.2009; With the invitation to the Open House at the 13 on the stove 15 in Stuttgart, the sponsoring organization for cancer dystrophy children opens the doors of his latest project. The Blue House as a home for the families of children with cancer. The Club was founded 27 years ago as a initiative of concerned parents. The diagnosis of cancer in a child changes the life of the entire family. For mother, father and siblings, nothing remains as it was before, and there is much force to donate still comfort themselves his child. The Association wants to help right here. The Central motto help we can only when helping us describes the purpose of the Association. The Club has already successfully launched many projects in.

A place of tranquility was established in cooperation with Olga Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany, concerned parents can live for the duration of the treatment of their children in parents homes, a sibling kindergarten was built, to call a psychosocial teams to just a few examples. With the Blue House now a residential and living space created for affected families. The campaign we build build with asking for financial support. Anyone who wants to improve the situation of the families concerned, can make a contribution. It’s not the size of the individual amounts. Also known as small donations are welcome. For example, can with a SMS with the content of home on the speed dial of 8 11 90 construction with 4.83 are supported (SMS costs 5 euro bearish of the normal transfer charge). Who wants to give larger amounts can donate online or classic bank transfer. More information under