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German Cancer

This article discusses the danger ubiquitous by solar radiation of burns in infants and babies. After the pregnancy, now fairly mobile in the last months man or woman would like to act again. Just after a long winter as we are him currently experiencing fresh baked mothers can hardly wait run with her baby. It is particularly important to protect the baby, since the baby’s skin is very delicate and therefore susceptible to sunshine and the resulting quick sunburn just in the first few months. How long can the baby in the Sun as a result, that the baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and the body’s natural skin protection against dangerous UV radiation is being developed yet, one should avoid exposing the newborn of direct sunlight.

For a baby, already 15 min are unprotected stay in the Sun too much because already sunburn can occur, as you can imagine just the heat of the day is particularly intense. So, babies should be protected from direct sunlight. indirect sunlight but perceive as already 10-15 min to the alleged shadow can avoid a potential vitamin D deficiency. What should you when applying sunscreen on babies consider most experts do not recommend sunscreen for babies to apply, if at all, only partial, should this not prevent themselves. The German Cancer aid advises that tender skin of your child during the first year of life unnecessarily with sunscreen to “charge”. Reason for that are mainly contained in sunscreen chemicals, which recorded and so can lead to negative incentives through the skin. Another factor is the perspiration, because babies learn to cool her body what is additionally complicated by possibly applied sunscreen only through sweat. You should apply so if anything only the parts of the body of the baby, which can not be covered by protective clothing.

The sunscreen should definitely for toddlers, so free of allergy-inducing substances, hormones, chemical filters be. Also should be taken also, that no fragrances or alcohol are included. The best option to find an optimal sun protection for your child is trying out various appropriate means, E.g. you can rub small areas of baby skin to possible reactions or determine incompatibilities such as redness. Otherwise, we apply the same principles to adults, so about half-an-hour before sun exposure, contact with water or a time period of about two hours to repeat what applying the sunscreen agent. How can you protect his child before Sun basically should be just his baby out of sight, what not too likely difficult for most parents, so care should be taken and the weather and, in this context important to sunlight adequately addressed are. This should keep parents always bear in mind that toddlers don’t respond for harming, either because they do not perceive or simply in a baby carriage “stuck”. Really effectively, you can protect your baby through appropriate clothing, which include long pieces of clothing and sturdy shoes, a Sun hat with circulation and brim. The baby should nevertheless as described, any manner under an awning or corresponding umbrellas, which to fasten are also usually on stroller exposed only indirect sunlight. Should your baby despite all precautions nonetheless get a sunburn, they will react according to the strength of the reaction in the body. Depending on the severity of burns you should to the respective areas of the skin first of all cool to cold compresses (water-soaked) serve lotions up to proper moisturizing. The burning of the skin should be stronger, have led to blistering, so please consult a pediatrician with your baby.

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