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Travel Airline

You usually travel by plane and you would like to you awarding why? Here you platicare a little more about this. Nowadays, there are several airlines that offer you the possibility to subscribe to a sort of club, where you can accumulate either points or electronic money, by each of the flights you make. This type of promotions are clear, used to meet the needs of customers, and to create a kind of subsidiary attitude between the airline and the consumers. You as a customer, you have the possibility to see how many points have been or how electronic money accumulate by flight, so where you keep traveling such airline, with the passage of time you’ll have more next chance to win a free flight. The advantages of all of this, is that there are airlines that besides offer free flights to any route, at any time of the year for you or for whom you more you want, give you the opportunity to use this accumulated for the payment of excess baggage, changes route, date or name or even, up to paying air taxes. Date a time to ask for reports on the airline of your choice on this type of promotions, and don’t miss the great opportunity that surely offers..