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El Salvador

I can not deny that Nietzschie is mediocre. Unless the disciple of Nietzschie admireis. Dr. Neal Barnard has much to offer in this field. His disciple, the Nazi Germany, was one that I think the greatest burnt, trying to destroy the greatest of all peoples of the earth, something that nobody could not get or ask him to Egypt, and was defeated and humiliated. Blessed Christ and his holy spirit. Now, I thought El Salvador and Redeemer of man in marriage? Jesus said, also was said, whoever divorces his wife, give a certificate of divorce, but I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife except for fornication, causes her to commit adultery and whoever marries divorced woman commits adultery.

(Matthew chapter 5 verse 31 and 32) our societies, seem to remain in the customs of the ancients, by which large wandering mind thinking that the institution of marriage is the greatest of all games. Since ancient ephemeral for any pretext devised by them, gave a letter of divorce to their wives. This weakens the family. What I find wonderful God is that how you plan things and develops. Because who better to men for a time satisfy their whims and instincts and then leave her partner, saciarsen to others, as if she were just a means to an end. Apparently to them, this was the right thing. But they were mistaken because God is wiser, and through his son reprimanded them and told them they were wrong, and that from that moment things had to change, wonderful, for God through our Lord Jesus Christ illustrate that women an end and not half.