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National Plan

And when we say practice we do not mean the fact of firing with live ammunition of repeatedly. Each shot real, each cartridge, must be for the professional as a revaida confirming him in the effectiveness of your training in dry or, conversely, ratifying him in need of change, in view of the failure of his method. This entails, nothing more, that the professional wants to do it, which clearly means that he has assumed the importance of the challenge. And in doing so does not need nor special facilities, equipment or coaches. A few hours a week, a proper room and a mirror of entity ro body, previously taking basic security measures are sufficient for that, with patience and perseverance, we get get memory neuro muscular necessary for effectiveness in handling the weapon (handle, take off and view address). A few shots a month in the Gallery (National Plan of shooting), we will be confirming advances.

It is regrettable to see how when we look at the gun of a supposed professional find it lack of maintenance, abandoned its cover, dirty and with the canon sealed by the lint that loose shirt plush. Would you secure a street with a colleague who carry the weapon in such conditions? Since then I don’t. Armed confrontations with criminals armed street clashes are more frequent every day. This is an indisputable fact that is due to social factors of globalization, again minted in our society. An unforeseen armed confrontation (reaching a place with a robbery in progress, identifying suspects who happen to be armed, etc.), are resuel – view, today, under the following aspects: proximity. (Short or very short distances). Quickly.

(Just a few minutes or even seconds). High number of shots. (Weapons semi-automatic, with large capacity Chargers, and even automatic weapons). In such situations the police professional, bodyguard, must react scheduled and instinctive, and it needs to be prepared. The weapon has to be always in the same place, always in the same way; Professional in these situations may not have to ask yourself: where took the weapon today?; how took the weapon today?; What I have to do to shoot? If so the third question, without realizing it, will be making it is for eternity.The following standards are essential to survive the confrontation: the first refuge. Before an armed confrontation the police should have awareness of parapet. This should distinguish between two kinds of parapets: which cover views and fires. They are ideals.Covering of views, but not fires. So the police must have knowledge of the protection offered by vehicles, urban furniture, streetlights, etc. Second mobility. Before an armed aggression the police can not be static, nor to aim. You must quickly move toward a parapet while performing fire coverage on the aggressor. Once defended will withdraw the gun loader, although it is not exhausted (tactical change), by the replacement, without never despise cartridges remaining in the first. Practices of shooting Alvisegperu you offers uds training basic, only if they accept our terms: 1.-payment in advance a counted in our bank account. 2.-Identity card, invoice weapon bought scanned and/or license to carry existing weapon.