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Google Voice

This is a big problem for owners of small businesses that have already accumulated an extensive list of contacts using your old number, but if you are thinking of changing the rhythm and just keep your Google Voice number, everything is ready. Google will record messages from voice with his name, then send you an e-mail or text message with transcripts of every voice that you receive. Transcripts are not perfect, but are generally quite clear to know who is calling and the reason for the call. More important still, are they searchable. Just as you can search your Gmail account or the web through Google, you can search the transcribed text of your voice messages. Voice messages that have never been searched previously.

If your business has a high volume of calls, this is a very important feature, since it allows you to not miss important calls. If your business has a high volume of calls, this is a feature killer, since it allows you to not miss important calls. Since the voice messages and text messages are on the website in order to Search and sort, can process a large number of calls more efficiently than it would be able to perform with a voice mail system more simple. 2 Use different rules and greetings for your contacts you can assign contacts to groups that you defined in the configuration menu of Google Voice, then you can modify the behavior of such groups. You can say that certain individuals or groups must be connected to certain numbers when they call, or block some people who want to come into contact with you and avoid harassment by unnecessary calls. For example, you can determine which contacts will be called to discuss business agreements, contacts that will call to solicit support in certain products and forward calls to members suitable equipment automatically.