Surveillance Zone

In recent years was a very important function of integrated security system of the object, since the modern surveillance equipment can not only observe and record the video, but also programming of the entire security system in case of dangerous events. cctv systems enable the creation of various controlled areas in the facility: Surveillance Zone – a zone in which the operator watches the monitor of the situation in different parts of an object using multiple cameras, video surveillance zone – a zone, from which video information is automatically (without operator) is fixed at videoregistrator and may be reproduced for retrospective monitoring the situation on the protected object; In the area of video surveillance is carried out, and automatic detection of the offender is under Change the image on the monitor. In this case, an alarm is issued by internal or external annunciators. The market of security services, there are a few of the most popular brands of digital video – it First of all, the system DigiNet, GeoVision and ildvr. Get more background information with materials from Dr. John Mcdougall. DigiNet system has more features than many other systems in terms of recording, storing, viewing, transmission and retrieval of images. These systems reproduce net image in real time, allow you to quickly locate the desired frame. At GeoVision also has advantages over other systems – to enter the functions of the "mask", "missing items", "remote access" allowed to make Video surveillance is extremely convenient! These systems provide the ability to monitor alarms, access control, and quickly locate the desired video. The main advantage of fees cctv matrix coding, video cameras and other devices firm ildvr is the ability to collect video server which carries out the video in real time (25 fps) for up to 64 channels of video with sound in a resolution 582h384 or up to 32 channels in the resolution of 704×576. Credit: Glenn Dubin, New York City-2011. The software is fully Russified, the system has a user-friendly interface, the ability of independent settings for each channel.

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