Reduce Personnel Costs

Internal conflicts eat up profits. Recent studies have shown that approximately 15-20% of staff costs are caused by internal disputes in medium-sized companies. Then, these internal conflicts in companies cause up to 100 employees annual cost of 100.000,–up to 500.000,–euros. The visible costs eaters attributed with a pencil. Whether it’s more favourable insurance contracts, better energy tariffs or the reduction in leasing costs. The hidden costs of eaters, such as service according to the regulations, internal termination, high turnover and lack of customer focus, less hand is created.

That is affected also understandable, because the persons involved”are and thus does not necessarily want to recognize his own dark marks. Leng consultant Harald, specialising mid-market and Bernd Mattern have developed a special diagnosis and coaching method, measurable and sustainable results already achieved after a relatively short time to reduce the cost of conflict or to avoid. New at this Method is: not the person concerned or the root causes of the conflict are in the foreground, but the company. Because basically, the company is the patient”. The company got sick due to the conflicts. The net result is impacted by avoidable costs, like absenteeism, sick leave, and other aberrations and must bear the losses.

Shine through with a structured and systematic interviews and diagnostic method”Ling & Mattern enterprise from the perspective of all those involved in the conflict. Often executives, leadership teams, Works Council, trade groups, sometimes even suppliers and customers are consulted. It is ensured that all parties must get asked the same questions and speak out on the issues of conflict free and authentic. Errors, feelings, injury and fear of not excluding, but always equal footing with the level, which together, connects and strengthens. The aim is to, through a self healing diagnosis, in conjunction with coaching and training, the cost of conflict reduce and finding sustainable and future-oriented solutions for the company.

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