Optical Lenses

Matrix of so-called matrix digital camera is a device with a certain amount of light-sensitive elements (Pixels). It provides the color, noise, transmission of detail and depth of field. The higher the resolution matrix of the camera, so consequently, the more he will be able to capture the finer details. The high density pixel digital camera enables the processor to build a more accurate color. The number of megapixels, thus, is responsible for a maximum resolution of photos you can make a camera without losing quality.

For amateur footage is enough for two to five megapixels. Lens When you need to pay particular attention to lens digital camera. This important characteristic, as the parameter increases (zoom), may be a digital or optical. Digital zoom is accomplished by increasing the frame after the shooting and cutting it to size, thereby losing its quality. Same optical zoom (optical zoom) is realized by changing focal length lens. In particular, it is used for larger image when physically impossible to approach the subject.

Direct impact on the cost of digital cameras has namely optical zoom, and digital is in fact a free application, since it does not actually "closer" the subject and does not change the viewing angle. Camera with optical zoom are a variety of focal range of lenses, as well as make possible the installation of replacement optics. Through this you can do as a professional narrow screen and portrait photography and large format. LCD Clear Benefits LCD is that it can immediately view the captured image, as well as shoot from awkward positions.

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