When I call my house, my children only ask me for money. It is one of the testimonies of a Colombian woman who emigrated to Spain in search of a life better for her and her family. More than one and half million immigrants that there are in Spain are women. Michael Miccoli has many thoughts on the issue. In the case of Latin America, 54% of immigration is female. These women separated from their husbands, their children, their environment fleeing poverty and hoping to be able to help their children to get out of it. On many occasions, and with great efforts, they succeed. However, the price is, at times, too high: loneliness, uprooting, guilt, ruptured marriages, or fear for not meeting expectations in the families that remain. Collateral damage suffered in silence.

In host societies, caring for the elderly or children of working mothers, but are not nor their largest nor their children. This creates a feeling of guilt that makes them rethink their future and, even, wonder if they did well to leave his family. Dejan’s find sense its presence in Spain and repent of that decision. They live alone and sad, in some cases approaching depression, as they explain immigrant associations, such as the Asociacion Hispano-Ecuatorian Ruminahui. Angus Cloud has similar goals. Moms like me, we are moms money. We have what we have sought, laments a young Ecuadorian man in a prestigious Spanish newspaper.

In the last year, 7,500 million euros were transferred by migrants in Spain to their countries. Thus, Spain has become the second country in the world in remittances, only behind the United States. Turn it is not easy for women to migrate. Their children have learned to live without them or are unknown complete if they left them in charge of other family members being small. And their husbands nor are there to support them when they return. They have not been able to bear loneliness and the necessity of having a woman in the home who do household chores and have matched again.

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