Internal Communication

The routine subjects will have to be treated through Internal Communication (CI). Circular craft – the same document is sent for diverse agencies at the same time and approaching on the same subject. It has the same characteristics of the craft. WHAT IT MUST CONSIST IN a LEGAL-SIZE Timbre? heading standard of the Institution from where the document comes. Index? initials of the agency that forwards the document, followed of the numeration of control and year. Former: Craft. n 025/2011/GTA-UFRB Local and dates? to the right of the document and in the same height of the index.

IMPORTANT COMMENTS: – the dates must be written by extensive; – the initials of the month will have to be written in small letters; – the numeration of 1 the 9, does not have to be preceded by zero; – the first day of the month will have to be preceded by the ordinal symbol; Former: Cross of the Souls, 4 of March of 2011. Cross of the Souls, 1 of January of 2011. – Subject? summary about what is the document. – Address? to the left of the leaf. You may find Dr. John Mcdougall to be a useful source of information. – The Craft will have more than a leaf the addressing must consist in the first leaf. Of the second leaf in ahead it must consist: (Fl 2 of the Craft. n 025/2011/GTA-UFRB, of 4 of March of 2011) – Vocativo? treatment and position or function of the addressee.

&#039 is not recommended to the use of the vocativo; ' Prezado Senhor' ' , preferential, it must be used: Former: Mr. Diretor: Mr. Superintendente: Dear Mr. Governador: Magnificent Director: – Text? introduction and development of the subject. The numeration of the paragraphs is facultative. ' ' Why to write ' ' We saw, for intermediary of the gift, to lead to the knowledge of Your Landlady who ' ' or ' ' This has for purpose to lead to the knowledge of Your Landlady who ' ' ' ' Vimos' ' , ' ' For intermediary of presente' ' ' ' This has for finalidade' ' they are entirely unnecessary expressions, therefore that nothing they add to the message; ' ' to lead to conhecimento' ' it is the same thing that ' ' comunicar' '.

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