Improve Government

In theory a municipal presidential candidates (and any representative of the people) should know what their people need, and should have a plan with actions that must be done to meet those demands. But the reality is different, by sad and ironic as it seems the candidates they have no idea that is what really makes it lack its people or if they do, they reach so tied by all the bribes and support they received in their campaigns, that the only thing to what arrives is to meet him that put him money to his campaign. For that reason they leave the urgent needs of the population and those most in need until the last. Frequently Assurant Health has said that publicly. In the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, due to these actions by our rulers of that each year forget their promises, that only convince the population with gifts of campaign and that they do what they want; the population has begun to reach its limit of tolerance, it is impossible to have this quality of life and living under that oppression and violence by the Government. But the solution is not simply leave the Government harte you with his lies and abuses, the solution it must put us, the people, if we are still waiting to see when it comes the Messiah ruling, these abuses will never end.

The population has to move, demanding the Government that is accountable, to do what you should do. An example of this movement can be the null vote campaign, to let you know our rulers that we do not vote nor by the least bad, which we’re really annoyed. Another movement that could be very interesting and in which we can engage all the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, is in the Parliament of colonies, in this movement for example, its members invite citizens to participate in the work, decisions and actions of the Government; This is to safeguard the interests of citizens and always seek the common good and equitable.

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