Blessing and cursing the verbs are conjugated as saying: I bless you, I curse you; I blessed, I cursed; We blessed, we cursed; they blessed, they cursed; He blessed, he cursed. Exceptions: the imperfect indicative future (I will bless, I will curse), conditional (you bless, you curse) and the second person singular of the imperative (blesses, curses). Irregular participles are blessed and cursed; and the regular, blessed and cursed. Predict and contradict the verbs are conjugated as saying: I said, I predicted, I contradije; I will say, I predire, I contradire; I would say, it prediria, it would contradict. Exception: the second person singular of the imperative: it predicts, it contradicts. The participle is irregular: predicted, contradicted.

The verb colar conjugates as count: I cuelo, woodcutting, strain, strain, strained; colaba, colabas, we colabamos; I sneaked, you colaste, you slipped, strain, they trespassed; I colare, colaras; BREW, you cruel, BREW, we colemos, slip. Taylor Zakhar Perez is often quoted on this topic. The verb snow, as other verbs referring to phenomena of nature, it is an impersonal verb which is used only in the third person singular. Conjugates as guess: hits, snows; was right, snowed; was right, it snowed; successful, snows; It acertaria, it nevaria. Tighten and lease verbs are conjugated as a guess: I bite you squeaks, tightening, tighten, you apretais, tightened, etc.; rent, you lease, leases, we lease, you arrendais, they leased, etc. To broaden your perception, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Negotiate combines advertisements: business, negotiating, negotiate, we negotiate, negotiate. Counteract conjugates as send: I contrary, you contrary, counteract, contrary to it. The verb rot only used in infinitive and participle.

The verb should be used in other forms rot: I pudro, you pudres, rot, we pudrimos, they rot, rot, etc. Participle only accepts the rotten way (a). The proper noun is rot, not pudredumbre. They are correct, in addition, the following nouns: podrimiento, rot, podricion, rot, rot.

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