Art Workmanship

We are accustomed continuamenta to associate the art of the great painters and sculptors the proper idea of art. Being the art much more of what creation, is entailed creation the beauty. From this point we arrive at one another dimension of what really it is art, however the art does not have beauty if sees who does not understand it the message that this being inserted. That is, to enterder the real idea of art a previous knowledge concerning this art prevails, the art that in itself only becomes beautiful. To the look for a painting of century XVII, the main idea that sends in them is the capacity of the painter in expressing its closer feelings and colocalos in the best way in the screen of a picture, of significant and emotive if made form in such a way it will be able to provoke a positive, emotive effect in the spectator who observes this picture. However the effect if becomes passenger, trivial if because this exactly spectator did not understand true the meaning of the workmanship, but only its beauty. The beauty of an workmanship-of-art depends almost exclusively on who sees and &#039 to it; ' l' ' this workmanship this if characterizes as a linking enters the knowledge of this workmanship and the beauty that it states.

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