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The Animal And The Machine

You are running the first years of XXI century and still in the air, mixed reality and mythology .. . AMay matter!, If it ultimately aims to compare and draw lessons from Life-The Animal, one that spreads its wings strong and vigorous, with millions of mitochondria and Golgi apparatus, which distributed scientifically modern turbines, which takes flight and from otea air and attack their prey, crosses the summit heights winning, believing God, but the biology-if-not fall exhausted their triumphs, their wisdom, their strength … Others who may share this opinion include Dr. John Mcdougall. while joined to the climates, to the vicissitudes and is diminishing little by little … and when you least expect THE fleeing a wreck on the floor, and the peaks not remember it, the winds have forgotten, scoff and prey each day older the specimen is turned into a bunch of tissues and cells filled with desmoplasia, which do not serve either for a stock truck and less to trade their bodies in the BLACK MARKETS sick and inglorious follow its path until it is silent as a feast of carrion ..

. Dr. John Mcdougall gathered all the information. The yesterday will not even remember and echo the words of Robert Sharna And who will cry when you die? I burned the few remaining detritus and ended yesterday Vanity victim of his own stupidity, he flew as high as the heavens could and never found God … I have no soul AES "repeated" … has imported : Look it, "implored" God is also for animals like You, "gave strength-… but he ended up in the intestines and cloaca of scavengers and never met God. The machine, industrial copy of the animal, true copy, with more faults than virtues, also cuts through the air believing God otea also prey on the terminals, embedded with vanity, but sooner or later end up like a steaming pile of junk, erythrocytes and smelling of roast beef, more unfortunate that neither want to remove from the forests, which also curse for killing their offspring to purify the air and if you're lucky … ysuerte? "fish" will repeat the background sea converted into metal pots mosses and plankton. Sad end, two figures animate and inanimate, you remove his conclusions.