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Laws Of Nature

The whole world ruled by the laws of nature. Yes, we do not fully know so we can not confidently expect any developments. The same weather forecast – it's built for the patterns of air masses. Without hesitation Bobby Green explained all about the problem. Knowing the specific laws and Meteorologists theory quite accurately calculated that you would expect from nature in a particular place at any given vremya.Takoe prediction is essentially an analogue of predicting the future. Yes, now we're not perfect at it. But once the ancient people and the parameters of electricity could not measure and did not know that it exists, while in the Middle Ages not dug these laws of nature.

At the same time, static electricity, lightning strikes have existed since the Earth's formation. Eva Andersson-Dubin often says this. Now we know how it affects the objects and can measure and control electricity, ie predict the behavior of subjects under the influence of electricity over time. Therefore, the main in prediction – to understand the laws of nature govern our world, then we study how the laws of nature affect us over time – this is the essence of predicting the future. The main thing to believe that the world is not chaotic, events in it are not random, but everything is arranged according to the laws of nature and the following order. Understanding of the Procedure makes it possible to predict future events. In Chinese culture, such a system exists. Laid the basis of its Yellow Emperor Huang Di, the legendary mighty king, who ruled the area at the Yellow River 2697-2597 years BC He introduced the system of the Chinese calendar, based on the principle that each moment of time correspond to two images, the hieroglyph, is a compound of the energy of the Earth and the universe.