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Human Resource Management

Pay attention to your inner life to be able to guide you through intuition rather than by externally imposed interpretations of what you need or not for you. Learn more on the subject from Donald Cerrone. Good management is fully aware, which represents the firm’s human capital, human talent in it is manifested and therefore must be very careful that this is not wasted, wasted, as much in the country’s businesses especially in SMEs. Hence, our interest is identified over the company, its management with this responsibility and know proper use of the human capital we have. In this respect Gabriela Toro opting to product quality management and productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo says that the challenge facing this reality, not based on mere measurement and monitoring tools should be developed, techniques, models, systems and philosophies to enable the responsible job training to achieve real human capital management and develop the talent that the organization possesses what is sometimes limited to a name change of the area, leaving aside the fundamental structural part of this new philosophy of staff development.

Toro adds in his opinion that in mind, that Human Capital is the range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and aptitude that a person has, and to the staff, classified into two: 1. Human capital of use, which is one with which the person generates a benefit that pays off economically. 2. Potential human capital, one that is used without that generates no economic benefit and yet support human capital is used. a The human talent is the one capital that produces or is capable of producing, through daily operations or innovation, the highest benefits for both the person and the company to which it provides services.