Uses Of The Dandelion

MEDICINAL: It is one of the plants that most stimulates the urine, proof of this is that in Catalonia it is known as pixallis (mea beds). The root is a laxative and bitter tonic, so it is used in cases where it is necessary to eliminate toxins in the blood – cholesterol, diabetes – or – obesity – liquids. It is also used to treat kidney laspiedras. It is good to treat hepatitis and cirrhosis, due to its stimulant properties of hepatic and biliary function. It is very effective in cases of poisoning, improve digestion and stimulate the appetite, for this reason it is often used to treat the disorder of anorexia. It is a good remedy against anaemia and blindness.

FOOD: Dandelion is included within the edible wild plants and can be taken alongside other vegetables in salads, providing them with a very tasty bitter touch. Mixed with vegetables like onion, celery or carrot in the form of broth provides nourishing and cleansing properties to the body. Also taken as a substitute for coffee, taking its roots roasted and ground. In infusions contributes to soothe the anger, depression, jealousy, hypersensitivity and resentment. COSMETICS: In external use, is used to remove impurities from the skin due to its rich in beta-carotene, which the body transforms into vitamin A, great ally of the cutis. TRIVIA: The name Dandelion is due to its toothed leaves, which resemble triangular and uneven teeth of the lion. The name of Taraxon comes from the Greek taraxacum, which means I remuevo, for its laxative properties.In the 16th century magicians believed that if a person is rubbed with a dandelion would be fortunate and well received everywhere.Small, all have ever played to blow the flowers of this plant with the appearance of cotton. According to this game, dandelion flowers are called grandparents.

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