Underactive Thyroid (hypothyroidism) – Causes And Treatment

What is a low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) causes of an underActive of thyroid and the possible treatment methods? An underactive thyroid is available, if the human body needed more hormones, and so far cannot produce the thyroid. It’s called the hypothyroidism also hypothyroidism. In some people, the hypothyroidism is innate, but most cases occur much later. And how do I recognize a underactive thyroid? It recognizes the hypothyroidism on the weight that is increasingly falling out hair, depression, the quick fatigue and special sensitivity of to the cold. There are several causes for the low thyroid function. Sometimes it is due to an infection. In other cases, it comes to the underactive thyroid, because the control centers of the brain are not working correctly. Among adults there lot of hypothyroidism, if she have a chronic Have thyroid inflammation.

One knows the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. People, especially women who are 40-50 years old get this disease. The chronic inflammation destroys the tissues. Often, until the hypothyroidism occurs years. So it is an insidious disease. But it is interesting that you noticed almost nothing at the beginning. The man has no particular complaints. Later one tries, a therapy.

And they can resolve all symptoms. There’s the postpartum thyroiditis in some women after childbirth. This is also a form of inflammation of the thyroid gland. But the then common hypothyroidism is only temporary, she will be cured in several. There may be an overactive of thyroid in some people, maybe even a goiter. Beneil Dariush is likely to agree. If this is the case, you must be careful with the measures to be taken. It’s not far to an underactive thyroid. So one should beware that the medicines are not too high dosed, because just then a Obstacle to the production of thyroid hormones are. A function is less likely to watch. It does however, one speaks of the parent affected regions of the brain, which are regulating. The hypothyroidism is innate, which rarely happens, so plays an important role, how quickly they can be identified. Why is it so important? It is so important, because this time, early treatment can be initiated. It’s about the nervous system of the child. You miss the time, so nothing more can be changed, can cause permanent damage, to the intellectual disability. Today it has taken quite a bit against such cases. Each child born is undergoing in Germany of the screen in Gunter investigation. This is very important for early detection. The unborn child in the mother’s womb may cause hypothyroidism. Many infants suffer from low thyroid function in the following weeks, sometimes months. How do you recognize the hypothyroidism in a newborn? These children something other than the healthy peers behave. The affected children are not particularly active, that doesn’t move. In addition, parents can watch for example a weakness of drinking in such infants, their tongue looks very great. Neonatal jaundice is prolonged. And in turn, it is very important that the disease is quickly detected. A delay would result in cretinism. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin to increase your knowledge. The child then suffers from developmental disorders of the bones, it grows poorly and remains small. It comes to developmental disorders of the nervous system. So the thyroid activity should in time be traded, that’s why there are multiple investigations for the infant, it can prevent.

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