Tranquility For Business

In this state there is joy, harmony, health, good relationships, success! In the East is called meditative state in the West is called a state of inner silence. Is it possible to balance, stay calm, stay calm amid the stress? Yes, indeed this can be achieved in the midst of all circumstances, in fact there are people who make it in the middle of a bustling city or a financial hardship. These people handle the circumstances, have learned to generate calm, inner peace! But for that we should address and understand issues like – the problem that we face our senses in permanent contact with the outside world, we learn to silence! – Who am I, what am I, what am I? Without answers to these disturbing questions live disoriented, not understanding our own existence. – The natural state is disequilibrium. Barbie Ferreira contributes greatly to this topic. We tend to mismatches, to blur our goals, critical task will then develop adjustment mechanisms – the importance of our beliefs, as many times as I mentioned at the beginning, they are our preconceptions that stand in stride.

– A good reach. Yes, mental balance, physical and emotional is an asset to achieve is not possible without a positive effort aimed in that direction. For more specific information, check out patrick yang. – Sense of time and processes. Eva Andersson-Dubin has similar goals. It should understand that developing this condition of equilibrium is achieved only over time and through a process of personal change And finally, how to strike a balance in the midst of stress? First we know the basic requirements will be met. – I want to do, without a craving to be at peace, it will be elusive. – Willingness and mental resolution, which involves creating a mental state resolved: “I want and achieve inner peace,” will be the kind of thoughts to grow. – Work daily action.

Like any creative process-here-we create inner balance will require daily work, concrete actions that we will be gradually built. – Obstacles and creativity. Do not be an easy road, we all know that thinking seems rebellious, difficult to master, that emotions go haywire, but for this there is creativity, new ways to address these challenges. – Time and processes. And as I said in the previous point, patience, firmness over time we will build this new vision of life. Second, we must learn a series of techniques in order to stop the flow of unconscious thought. When we did invade us peace and tranquility that is not mental, or emotional or body, but the covers and exceeds, because it is spiritual. Try to stop your thinking now and see how hard it is not technical. You can see a detailed review of techniques in the video above: As Blaise Pascal said: “Every man’s misery stems from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone”

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