The Skin And Sun

Tonics produced by cosmetic firms differ in the content of the alcohol. 20-25 years, if you do not use make-up, the need to use a special tonic net.Uvlazhnenie. Our skin is constantly losing moisture, so the need for daily moisturizing. The spectrum of moisturizers are very broad: all kinds of water and oil solutions, emulsions and creams. Aqueous solutions have a very rapid but short-lived effect. Oil anhydrous solutions on their own can not moisturize the skin.

They simply form a protective film on the skin, preventing evaporation of moisture. Emulsions are a mixture of oil and water in different proportions. The greater the percentage of water, the faster the emulsion is absorbed into the skin. Oil component with a protective film that prevents the evaporation of moisture. The greater the percentage of oil in the emulsion, the longer preserved effect moisture, but too thick emulsion leave stains on the clothes and the discomfort on his face. Most effectively retain skin moisture cream, consisting of fatty acids and alcohols. They are not sticky, as oil emulsions, while mimicking the properties of the skin vlagosberegayuschie sala.Zaschita. The action of the sun, wind, dry indoor air adversely affects the condition of our skin.

Therefore, it needs special protective equipment. Sun. In the summer should be used as a foundation or day cream to moisturize with a UV-filter. They protect the skin from harmful UV rays. But if you assume a long time in the sun, always wear a hat with large fields or a cap with a long peak.

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