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IBU Worldchampionships Biathlon 2013 – Nove Mesto Na Morave In Coloured Glory

Colorful laser show at the IBU Worldchampionships biathlon 2013 during the entire opening ceremony laser shows and laser graphics accompanied by the leaders of 47 countries. This projected their country flags, as well as various biathlon elements, like for example shooters on the snow surface in the arena or the forest behind it. Also during the welcome speech of the organizers was sure carefully that the IBU logo on the snow surface and about 400 metres from wood by laser technology has appeared. This was ensured by the use of a LPS-StarLite with 16 W RGB laser power. A total of three show laser systems of the German manufacturer were used to the overall picture of country collection, welcome to harmonize logo overlays and acts, for the audience, which green consisted of two LPS Bax 8000 G with a laser power of 8 W, as well as the aforementioned 16 W strong white light LPS StarLite 16000RGB.

Spectral effects underline the subsequent singing interlude, and covered the entire venue a colorful laser radiation in the air, as well as bright points in the arena, while the logo of Organizer IBU the whole event was presented through laser-animated. A further eye-catcher was the Queen of the high country”the present figure of fable, enjoyed the complete ceremony, and also the attention it had become, in her majestic throne Chair with watchful eyes. “The enthusiastic team and the spectators during the 1.5 hours long, stunning ceremony with laser while continuing to enchant, and the graphics of AHS” and OHS “to elicit, a few technical requirements had to be guaranteed in advance. So, for example the white light show laser system in a room specially tempered was housed, while the Green laser systems in the spectator wing on a canopy were securely fastened. The responsible and renowned event company Rental Pro from the Czech Republic fell back on the many years of experience with LPS lasersysteme and could again back to the smooth and professional collaboration.