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Brian Buijsse Research

Known as much damage that excess chocolate can do to humans, however little by little has been the positive effects of chocolate on the heart people. Beyond romanticism that leads to the bride and groom to give chocolates, the truth is that sweet is much more beneficial than others. In a study conducted more than 20 thousand people found that small doses of daily dark chocolate could benefit in the prevention of heart attack or stroke. This study was developed by a group of German researchers and the results were published in the journal of research and health European Heart Journal. According to the percentages found, researched population those who not consumed chocolate showed an increased risk (39%). Despite the forcefulness of the research they believe is rushed rushing to buy chocolate for increasing consumption.

Definitely, this will therefore depend on the calories you need to consume each day. Remember that a piece of dark chocolate of 100 grams can contain up to 500 calories. Finally, it is important not to exaggerate in these investigations that somehow this could be misinterpreted. There is no doubt that the consumption of certain products that have been stigmatized in society is important, however, any product is good in excess and is accurate to the population report adequately with their respective physician. The same specialist research, Brian Buijsse, recommended that the population does not consume more chocolate because of the results of this research could become an excuse for some people and chocolate in excess can cause obesity.