Street Problem

However the latter was not necessary, since the Manager recognized his mistake and informed me that I could pass through your business with the respective ballot to refund me the money paid by those two racks. 3Rd match negative: when the ballot so that they reintegrate me money, it turns out that the ballot was A (in Argentina, there are three classes according to the quality (tax buyer: A, B or C) and the Manager could only receive ballots, B or C. Before this I stopped the ballot and the other day the Manager was responsible for go to the business where the purchase had been made and changed the ballot with the relevant letter and finally they returned me the money. Come here with an attitude positive owner unlike the No. 1 problem, arose negative matches but in smaller amounts and resolved quickly. And finally I will mention a problem that was exclusively my membership: problem no. 3 in one of my previous articles explain how correctly using the detachment ended buying my first car 0 KM. Because when 2 months of having the car had been met, I suffer a shock or I should say an attack.

Now before this I just say to them, you could say how much was the damage that I suffered. Because after I download my car I saw that damage actually not existed, for giving a combination of chains of problems that I call with allowances. So understand what I say I am going to narrate this shock: was close to noon for a neighborhood street and when was to come to the side street (I was going to not more 30 km per hour with low window almost in its entirety) from the sidewalk, where a woman was walking with his dog, no reason the latter is separated from its ownerruns into the street and pounces at the height of the driver of my car’s window.

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