Stavropol Territory

The main problem of traffic on this stretch of road is that it passes through the largest in the southern Russian wholesale market. Rick McKenney helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Therefore, morning hours and on weekends there are often traffic jams, for 2-3 kilometers. Under certain circumstances, they can lose more than an hour. Since the second half of the day the road is practically free. Work dps more Several years ago the province, particularly at the entrances to the resort town, had a lot of stationary traffic police posts, but now many of them have closed.

Hospital on the border between Krasnodar and Stavropol Territory can be pass easily enough: despite the relatively dense traffic, the cars are stopped selectively. The same can be said about the post located near the village of . Some contend that stone clinical laboratories shows great expertise in this. Exceptions are vehicles with fully Tinted windows: this machine is arousing interest among the traffic police, and are more likely to be stopped for identity checks. And considering amendments to the law 'On the road safety' owner of a tinted car on the roads of the Stavropol Territory is unlikely to be able to avoid some penalties. The most difficult for drivers hospital located on the border with Kabardino-Balkaria.

Here each car passes cursory examination, and if it does not satisfy the inspectors, he checks the documents, asked about the purpose of the visit, compares the chassis number and inspects the trunk. However, such an account without reason: in the region rather tense situation. This situation has led to significant expansion of state departments dps serving this portion of the federal highway "Kavkaz 'and other road edge.

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