RTF-to-HTML DLL .net – Word Processing Component

RTF-to-HTML DLL.NET is the most versatile component if you cast including the layout used in the HTML, TXT, XML, XHTML format with cascading style sheets – Word data. The RTF-to-HTML DLL .net – component makes the conversion of files easier, faster and more efficient, as it is in Microsoft Word. Whether as an editor for RTF, HTML and XML, XHTML files, as a report generator or in conjunction with Web applications – RTF-to-HTML DLL .net very versatile usable. Application example Office and Internet applications: With RTF-to-HTML DLL .net you can realize fast corresponding to the State of the art applications, which connect the paper – and fax-based agency with Web technologies. The RTF-to-HTML DLL .net can be used making it ideal for processing such as price lists, timetables, travel dates, parts lists etc. The component provides support for formatting different formatting options, so that you keep from your original RTF files. This includes support for fonts, faces and Sizes and support for various image formats, tables, frames, and hyperlinks.

RTF-to-HTML DLL .net provides full Unicode support along with other special characters, so you can use if your Web content is primarily in a different language, the use of the Latin alphabet. The only prerequisite for the operation is to the. NET platform have. Database applications: RTF-to-HTML DLL. NET allows you easy and efficient to implement RTF documents to HTML.

The component can be connected to any database type. The data can be stored in the internal binary format, RTF or HTML data. Both the entire text as well as components can be stored via macro fields in a record or read from this. For professional Web developers, this component is platform-independent and supports both 32-bit and 64 bit systems. The only requirements is .net 1.1 or higher. The component creates also quickly small HTML data, and provides full support for a wide range Formatting options availability of the English version of RTF-to-HTML DLL. NET is now available on the site available.

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