Conhecer Geometric

Black picture, chalk, models and engravings. Activity in group construction of formulas To demonstrate the geometric forms of espaoPirmides, parallelopipeds and prisms. 3hexpositivModelos, black picture and objects. Activity in group solid construction To explain forms geometric of the rolamEsfera space that, expositivObjetos cylinder and cone.3h, models, black picture and chalk. Activity in group solid construction To differentiate, to identify the triangles.

Isosceles, scalene and equilateral triangle. Read additional details here: Beneil Dariush. 3hDemonstrativa and expositivCartaz, black picture, palitos of match, chalk and objects. Construction of triangles through palitos of matches To explain and to classify angles in the geomtricasngulos forms obtuso, rectum and sharp. 2hDemonstrativa problems and expositiva. Transferidor notebook chalk and black picture. Construction of triangles, squares, rectangles and to get the angles in the forms and classifies them. To relate the geometric forms in its day the diGeometria of the 3hdemonstrativa space Conhecer the pertaining to school environment, models and poster. To relate the pertaining to school environment with the geometric forms To classify, to draw and to differentiate the geometric forms.

Geometry of espao3hdemonstrativCartaz, engravings, models. Activity in group for the construction of mockup in classroom To know the characteristics of the system of Measured measures of black 2hDemonstrativa length and discussoQuadro, wallet palm of the hand and feet. Activity in group measurement of wallets of the black picture through the hand and feet to understand the measures. To explain measured standards and the system mtricoQuilometro, meter, centimeter and millimeter. black 3hDemonstrativa and expositivQuadro, maps, poster.

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