I went to the south, the car was hot, there was June. By the sound of wheels, I fell asleep, but was soon awakened by a strong jolt. What happened? I saw that the little things showered with mesh shelves of the car. the topic.. In a far cry baby coupe. The train was standing, You can tell, dead. I walked out of the compartment to find out what was wrong.

During visits to the country, I have often heard stories of various road accidents. Sometimes, elk truancy on rails and could not turn in suspected side. These long-legged "Pedestrians" engineers have learned how to drive a jet of hot steam. Maybe now something like this happened and why nist machine stalled? I came out of the car and see that there is no electric locomotive, which carried composition. The locomotive left the road and lying on its side at most tracks. Machinist and his aides had to jump on the move. The accident occurred because the repairmen that are poorly cemented rails.

Could be many casualties, if coaches and gone rails. But the driver, before leaving the already leaning locomotive, pulled the emergency brake lever. Triggering of an air brake. We saved the air! Yes, air! More than once I heard of an air brake machinist Matrosov. Seen inscription with the name of the driver under the brake lever. Click endocrinologist to learn more. They are now installed in each passenger car. Ivan Konstantinovich Matrosov himself for many years drove a heavy freight trains. They are not easy to stop when required, but More soon. And sailors came up with the brake operating force of compressed air. The driver presses the brake lever, and wheel carriages instantly dropped heavy brake pads, the train stops immediately. Invented Matrosov air brake more than once saved from imminent collapse of the compositions, preserving the lives of passengers. What kind of air power, I thought, if within a few seconds can stop the train of loaded wagons? Air proved to be strong man, able to keep the cargo, weighing hundreds of tons. Compressed air has become one of the obedient and skilled assistant engineer in the railway trains and subways. This is how one uses compressed air.

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